[NTG-context] character redefinition environment

Enzo Cordes plink at veribox.net
Mon Nov 6 17:40:40 CET 2006

Many thanks, Hans!

I wasn't sure I made myself clear, but defineactivecharacter does the 
job very very nicely. One day I understand one of its many definitions - 
especially the \uccode tilde business, which is probably necessary for 
the TeX mastication process ;-)


Hans Hagen wrote:
> | is already active, but not b
> \bgroup
> \catcode`B=\active
> \def\start...
> \egroup
> otherwise a 'character B' and not an 'active character B' ends up in the 
> definition
> This may be easier:
> \def\Whatever
>  {\defineactivecharacter B {[oeps]}}
> bla bla \start \Whatever B \stop ble bla

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