[NTG-context] How to get a PhD with ConTeXt (+ hard work ;) )

Oliver Buerschaper oliver.buerschaper at mpq.mpg.de
Mon Nov 6 14:57:51 CET 2006

Hello David,

May I ask a newbie question? How did you create the lemmas?

I found a mysterious "startlemma" in core-des.tex via the ConTeXt  
garden source browser but

Some statement ...

didn't work for me :-(


> Hi all,
> I'll also give a link to a PhD ``sample document'' ;). You can find  
> my PhD
> thesis at http://sitola.fi.muni.cz/~antos/thesis.pdf
> Well, it isn't as complex as Renaud's work (talking about  
> typography, it's
> a high-level science, of course ;))), someone may be interested in
> algorithm typesetting.
> I'd like to thank Hans for his kind support (to name an example,  
> today, a
> mechanism for named numbered lemmas is part of ConTeXt).
> Yours,
> D.A.

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