[NTG-context] character redefinition environment

Enzo Cordes plink at veribox.net
Sun Nov 5 15:49:39 CET 2006

Hi list,

I want to assign Metapost graphics to single letters (in a newly defined 
evironment, that take care of these assignments). The purpose is being 
able to rapidly build huge tables containing lots of these symbols.

Everything works fine if I assign these graphics to non-letters, e.g. 
"|", but somehow it doesn't work with normal letters.

Here is what I tried (with a simple Foo instead of Metapost graphics):

\definesymbol[foosymbol][{\tt Foo}]

This works with | as reassigned character without any problems. But, we 
want to have normal characters in the table, no punctuation marks, etc. 
Does anyone know what to do to reassign a special definition for a 
letter e.g. like uppercase B or else?

I got this error:
! Undefined control sequence.
\startmychars ...up \catcode `\B=\active \defB
l.24 \startmychars

which seems to indicate that B is not recognized as active character in 
the "\defB"?

Any hints very welcome,

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