[NTG-context] overlay page background missing

Paul Jones shagreel at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 15:22:34 CET 2006

> > The overlay with a layer inside it displays fine when used in the
> > framed background.
> >
> > \framed[height=\textheight,
> > width=\textwidth,background={WatermarkOverlay}, frame=on]{overlay
> > frame}
> >
> > But it does not display anything when used in the setupbackgrounds background.
> >
> > \setupbackgrounds[page][background={WatermarkOverlay}]
> >
> > Any ideas why?
> >
> hm, backgrounds should work ok; and page backgrounds are recalculated for each page

Can you see any reason why it would not be working?  In the example
above, the overlay is displayed as the background of the frame, but
not as the background for the entire document?  Can you give any
directions on where to look for further documentation/ideas?  I
basically just need to be able to position a watermark on the back of
every page, possibley different ones for left and right pages.

Thank you,

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