[NTG-context] feedback on the wiki Linux_User_Installation article

Antoine Junod toto at tots-ns.net
Thu Nov 2 20:41:35 CET 2006

Hello list, 

I'm trying to make a fresh minimal install following the wiki article
'Linux User Installation'.

All goes fine till the 'texexec --make --alone' command. It says me
'the file 'texexec.rb' is not found'. I can copy it in the
texmf-linux/bin directory but it trigs other errors. I can correct
that error by recursively copying all the files of the
texmf-local/scripts/context/ruby/ directory into the texmf-linux/bin/

Should I update the wiki with that information or is it a problem tied
to my system, or maybe a problem of the minimal context
distribution/binaries files?

Thanks for your replies.

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