[NTG-context] Printing ConTeXt books on Lulu? (Was: A new manual)

Geoffrey Alan Washburn geoffw at cis.upenn.edu
Wed Nov 1 18:52:58 CET 2006

	I figured I would try adjusting the subject to make the query a little 
more apparent.  Would it be possible to purchase some of the books on 
ConTeXt via Lulu?

Geoffrey Alan Washburn wrote:
> John R. Culleton wrote:
>> My preferences in order are printed book, downloadable source,
>> downloadable pdf and online anything. Information needs to be
>> structured, indexed, portable, easily readable. 
> 	Speaking of printed manuals, it struck me the other day that an interim 
> solution would be to use Lulu (www.lulu.com) to obtain printed copies of 
> the existing manuals.  However, it would probably be best if the folks 
> at PRAGMA ADE were to handle this to avoid some of the copyright issues, 
> and they might as well be the ones receiving any profits from the sales.

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