[NTG-context] formula, bookmarks and misc

Sebastian Rooks sebastian.rooks at free.fr
Sun Oct 29 02:09:34 CET 2006

Dear ConTeXters,

1/ I would like to use a named formula with a reference containing
several subformulae each with a reference. The closer I can get to is to
add an empty namedformula followed by subformulae (see test file below).
How can I get rid of the empty line with a number in the pdf ?

2/ I'm using bookmarks but abbreviations in heads do not work properly.
I've used a workaround some 3 years ago but I cannot remember which. Any
suggestion ? (see test file below)

3/ What should I do to get the bookmarks numbered with their
chapter/section/ etc. number ? (see test file below)

4/ How can I redefine the \vec command in my formulae without having a
warning "system          : command \vec is already defined"

5/ I do like a lot the minimum distribution so easy to install. It would
be even better if bibtex can be added. It's only 82.8 KiB

Thanks for ConTeXt (special thanks to Hans and Taco of course), it's
really a pleasure to work with it.



%%%%%    %><    %><    %><    %%%%%



\abbreviation [UK]	{UK}	{United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern

  \chapter{Math formulae}

      {Well known equalities}


\chapter{Weather in the \UK}
\dorecurse {2} {\input dawkins \par}


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