[NTG-context] How to get a PhD with ConTeXt (+ hard work ;) )

Renaud AUBIN aubin at nibua-r.org
Fri Oct 27 10:33:21 CEST 2006

Hi M.J.,

M.J. Kallen a écrit :

>Maybe Renaud can tell us a little more about the details of the typesetting? What font did you use and what program did you use to make the plots (I particularly like the fact that the font in the plots is the same as in the text!), it reminds me a little of R plots, but I may be wrong... And the flowcharts are made with the chart module if I'm not mistaken?
I use lucida fonts (http://www.tug.org/store/lucida/order.html). The
plots are made with t-gnuplot (http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Gnuplot)
thanks to Mojca's work. flowcharts are made with the chart module,
you're right.


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