[NTG-context] ConTeXt installtion and Debian

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Oct 24 14:08:30 CEST 2006

Frank � wrote:
>> Debian currently has:
>> TEXFONTMAPS = .;$TEXMF/{fonts/,}map//;$TEXMF/dvips//
>> What about this? I am not completely convinced about it since with
>> updmap we generate input file for all the different programs.
one may assume that by now indeed most trees are tds compliant

(for context users there is textools --fixtexmftrees)
> The second part, $TEXMF/dvips//, is a Debian-specific
> backwards-compatibility hack to allow fonts to be found that install
> their map files according to the old (teTeX 2.0) TDS.  We should drop it
> as soon as etch is out, and we should probably have done that even
> earlier.   The first I don't quite understand, we actually have:
> % TEXFONTMAPS = .;$TEXMF/{fonts/map,}/{$progname,pdftex,dvips,}//
> TEXFONTMAPS = .;$TEXMF/{fonts/,}map//;$TEXMF/dvips//
> This looks like we dropped the program-specific paths (and with that
> their order), and like it wouldn't have been necessary to add a hack
> (but I know that at the time of the teTex-3.0-beta-release when I
> introduced it it *was* necessary).
the first (commented) one is indeed the one that is needed in order to 
let dvipdfmx work nicely (even more important now that xetex uses 
dvipdfmx as backend)


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