[NTG-context] how to define a new math symbol

MJK mj_kallen at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 24 11:43:11 CEST 2006


I would like to use of the product integral (a curly \prod-like symbol which is to \prod what \int is to \sum) in Context. There is a LaTeX package (not official) available from Richard Gill's website (http://www.math.uu.nl/people/gill/, all the way at the bottom), which supplies a .sty file with the following contents:

\DeclareFontShape{U}{ProdInt}{m}{n}{<-> prodint}{}
\DeclareMathSymbol{\prodi}{\mathop}{Prodint}{80}    %80 prodinttext
\DeclareMathSymbol{\Prodi}{\mathop}{Prodint}{82}    %82 prodintdisplay
\DeclareMathSymbol{\PRODI}{\mathop}{Prodint}{84}    %84 prodintbig

It also supplies a bunch of fontfiles, i.e. prodint.{afm,pfa,pfb,tfm}, and a map file prodint.map. As you can see, the package supplies three commands: \prodi, \Prodi and \PRODI, corresponding to three sizes.

My question(s): how can I define similar commands (I'm guessing \definemathsymbol would be required) to use this symbol in Context? Is it possible to use the fontfiles supplied in the LaTeX package or should Texfont be used to enable the symbol in Context?



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