[NTG-context] Hardcoded options in the Ruby scripts

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Oct 23 14:42:05 CEST 2006

Richard Gabriel wrote:
> Lines 131-137:
> Here are a few languages predefined which texexec "knows". If I want 
> to add a format for another language, I have to add a new line here.
such as ...? (adding a user inferface is more that adding something to 
> Line 339:
> Here are the "default" TeX formats defined. No problem to consider 
> something as default ;-), but the point is that "texexec --make --all" 
> actually does "make all DEFAULT formats", NOT "make all AVAILABLE 
> formats". :-(
which would be quite a lot -) what do you mean with all?
> Anyway, the main problem I see is altering of a script which comes 
> with the ConTeXt distribution - the changes made into this scripts 
> must be done again and again after each update.
> My suggestion is:
> 1. To put the format definition into a separate file (like user.rb or 
> so) which won't be owerwritten in any case.
> [Note: cont-usr.tex is a good analogy to this]
hm, must think about it ; i don't like too many dependencies
> 2. "Make all" should make ALL the defined ConTeXt formats, not the 
> default ones.
--all means: all patterns 


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