[NTG-context] Context and CD labels

Maurí­cio briqueabraque at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 19 04:51:31 CEST 2006

>> Has anyone ever tried to use Context to create music CD labels? Any 
>> tips on what should I do, pages I can read or results I can expect?
> I have never tried to create CD labels but from my experience you should
> use overlay... Could you describe the geometry of the labels you use (if
> you use some) ?

   I don't have the exact dimenstions. You can check it here (Open 
Office document):


> I can make an example without it but it can help to provide a full one...
> I need:
> - width and height of the page (if non-standard)
> - number of label per page and position of each label's center
> relatively to a corner of the page...
> (...)
> You can draw, clip, write whatever you want and where you want... The
> circular shape are just to demonstrate positionning and can help to check...
> You could use Metafun to do some advanced text manipulation (like shaped
> texts or followtoken texts...)

   I will learn Metafun right now. Do you think I can get Context to 
write a music list in a way that the text fits automatically into the 
label? I would like to create a standard template for labels so that I 
could change only the music list and title. That list could be as small 
as 3 songs or as big as 30 songs organized into sections.


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