[NTG-context] bug in beta: extra \else

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Sat Oct 14 01:16:58 CEST 2006

On Fri, 13 Oct 2006, Vit Zyka wrote:

> Hans Hagen wrote:
>> Vit Zyka wrote:
>>> Hans Hagen wrote:
>>>> Vit Zyka wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> there is some deep bug that was discovered translating Beginners manual. 
>>>>> Let take single chapter e.g. ma-cb-cz-alignments.tex
>>>>> With today beta I got .log attached (error ! Extra \else)
>>>>> This will appear in both modes screen and normal.
>>>>> Interesting is that no error appears in context 2006-05-28.
>>>> quite some code is being rewritten / adapted to context mkiv so there 
>>>> could be low level differences
>>>> can you make a small example, since this else problem can come from other 
>>>> places than reported
>>> There are demonstrative files. Please, run
>>>   texmfstart texexec --pdf ma-cb-cz-test.tex
>>> and
>>>   texmfstart texexec --pdf --mode=screen ma-cb-cz-test.tex
>> this file: ma-cb-env-cz.tex refers to itself and probably should be : 
>> \startenvironment ma-cb-env-cz
>> \environment ma-cb.tex
>> \mainlanguage[cz]
>> \language[en]
>> \enableregime[latin2]
>> \stopenvironment
> Sorry, my fault but it does not solve the problem. I obtain the same error 
> with fresh context and corrected version of this file:
> -----------------------------------------
> \startenvironment ma-cb-env-cz
> \mainlanguage[cz]
> \language[en]
> \enableregime[latin2]
> \stopenvironment
> -----------------------------------------

There is something wrong with ma-cb environment files. The file 
ma-cb-en does not compile. I get an error

! Undefined control sequence.
\@@olbackground ->\StatusAchtergrond

\doifvaluesomething ...inga {\csname #1\endcsname
                                                   }\ifx \!!stringa 
\empty \e...

\stoplocalframed ...ing {\@@framed \c!background }

\PlaatschapterStatus ... [\v!chapter \v!number ]}}
                                                    \vskip 0pt plus 
<argument> \PlaatschapterStatus
\firstoftwoarguments #1#2->#1

l.19     \Introduction   {Introduction}

I tried making minimal example of the file that you posted, but always 
get the same error. I am pretty certain that ma-cb-en.tex used to 
compile in the past.


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