[NTG-context] Combinations

Pepe Barbe elventear at gmail.com
Sun Oct 8 05:19:10 CEST 2006

Hello everyone,

I have 14 graphs that I want to arrange in a single page. I've found
the best wat to do that is with a 3 by 5 combination. Yet, it would
look better if I had a 3 by 4 combination and a 2 by 1 centered
underneath the preveious. Is there some simple way to do that?

Also, a while ago I asked about the font size of the captions in the
combinations, which wasn't being respected in Math mode. I've tried in
the latest beta and the problem persists. Any ideas?


\setupcaptions[ headstyle=\ss\bf,style=\tfx ]
\setupcombinations[ style=\tfx\em ]


\placefigure [center] {Combination Caption}
       \startcombination [2*1]
               {\framed[height=.45\textwidth,width=.45\textwidth]{My Graphic
1}}{Text: Test. Math: $Test$}
               {\framed[height=.45\textwidth,width=.45\textwidth]{My Graphic
2}}{Text: Test. Math: $Test$}



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