[NTG-context] figurenumbering

Wolfgang Werners-Lucchini wwl at musensturm.de
Fri Sep 29 20:53:50 CEST 2006

> > What ConTeXt Version is it where 
> > \checkfloatracer is defined?
> > 
> > Gru?, Wolfgang
> Hi other Wolfgang
> \checkfloatracer is defined in page-flt.tex as
> \def\checkfloatracer#1%
>   {\newnodelocation{#1}}

I asked this, because in ConTeXt 2006.09.26,
which I use, there isn't a command with this name.

> All the \...nodelocation macros are defined in the core-pos modul.
> Have you seen the whitespace between the figures where I put the
> flotcounter.

On page 3 there should be a difference between figure 1/2 and 
figure 2/3, if I understand it right. But there is nothing. 

page-flt.tex is changed at 2006.09.24
There is also a file core-pos.tex and core-pos.mkii from 2006.09.24 
> Wolfgang (the younger one?)
passports are not allways up-to-date! :-) 


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