[NTG-context] 3D Artwork with ConTeXt

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Sep 29 00:01:55 CEST 2006

Renaud AUBIN wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm now playing with u3d and since I'm at rookie level in ConTeXt dev, 
> I have (a lot?) of questions for you.
> First, download http://www.nibua-r.org/ConTeXt/devel/3dartwork.tgz and 
> "texexec test-3dartwork". Since I use \externalfigure and u3d mean 
> nothing to ConTeXt, I obtain
> TeXUtil | running texmfstart rlxtools --identify ./context.u3d
> identify: no decode delegate for this image format `./context.u3d'.
> RlxTools | unable to identify ./context.u3d
> Ok, this is normal... I used \placefigure and \externalfigure for 
> convenience for the moment since I found natural to use them... How to 
> bypass RlxTools ?
hm, maybe we need a  feature to mark a  category as non-rlx-able

for the moment use  \chardef\figurerlxmode\zerocount

it's comparable to movies and so, as long as some kind of dimensions are 
known ... i'll look into that later
> Now, see t-3dartwork. There is a lot of work. The main idea is to 
> split \doPDFinsertiiidartwork into several macros ;) . I need help on:
> 1. What's the best way to define the following macro
> \defineiiidartworkprojection[name][type=perspective|orthographic , 
> nf=automatic|explicit , near=number, far=number, fov=number.....]
try to use existing ones: auto instead of automatic
> You're welcome to give your opinion on naming convention ;)
> 2. Same question for
> \defineiiidartworkview[name][bgr=number, bgg=number, bgb=number (or 3 
> floats for bgcol), projection=name, camera= 3 floats (but how?), 
> target= idem, up=idem]
> I'll use ruby and a magic | (see [NTG-context] run a ruby script and 
> use the standard output ???) to calculate C2W and CO...
best is to make that pluggable, so that we can optimize such computations

> 3. ... I need to define a macro to setup the 3D annot before to use it 
> by \externalfigure or with another brand new macro...
just collect whatever we need to do that and i'll integrate it in such a way that multiple backend are supported as well as mkii and mkiv code 

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