[NTG-context] latest beta and \doifnotallmodes

Alan Bowen acbowen at princeton.edu
Wed Sep 27 14:29:38 CEST 2006

		defaultmode instructions
gets the following error message:

	system          : mark BibTitle defined [subject]
	! Missing number, treated as zero.
	<to be read again>
	\catcodetable ...\fi \the \csname @@cct:\number #1
	\popcatcodetable ...atcoderestorelevel \endcsname
\tracepopcatcodetable \adv...

	\docheckforallmodes ...\cleanuplabel {#3}\protect
	.344 ...des{frontbackmatter,memorialnote,article}

whereas \startmode[defaultmode]
and 		\enablemode[defaultmode]
runs without incident.

Am I misusing \doifnotallmodes? This used to work.

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