[NTG-context] split natural table over columns

Johan Sandblom jsandblom at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 21:14:17 CEST 2006


> But I don't understand why you want to split a table over columns. You
> can reach this effect by using offsets (or empty columns if you use
> backgrounds or frames), beside from the (in my eyes) strange look. And
> how will you guarantee that a complete table line is horizontally
> aligned inside of columns (and pages)? Sounds like overkill to me ;)

I don't understand how you mean with offsets or empty columns, do you
have an example? I wanted the functionality for a very narrow table in
a booklet where paper economy is a great concern. It does not matter
if it is horizontally aligned, a hole at the end (though ugly) might
still save an entire page for other useful information. Of course it
is overkill, but since every strange request on this list usually
leads to a pointer to functionality implemented several years back, I
figured it couldn't hurt to ask ...


> Peter
> > For instance below I would like three cells in each column
> >
> > \starttext
> > \startcolumns{3}
> > \placetable{}{
> > \bTABLE[split=repeat]
> > \dorecurse{9}{\bTR\bTD ha \eTD\eTR}
> > \eTABLE}
> > \stopcolumns
> > \stoptext
> >
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