[NTG-context] chinese characters in an itemize environment

Peter Rolf indiego at gmx.net
Fri Sep 22 13:07:56 CEST 2006

Lutz Haseloff wrote:
> Peter Rolf schrieb:
>> just guessing (but worth a try):
>> \setupitemgroups[inbetween=<any fixed dimen>]
>> The default is .5ex, which depends on the current font (see end of
>> core-itm.tex).
>> HTH, Peter
> \setupitemgroups[inbetween=2cm]
> doesn't work.
> Iterestingly an inserted \mbox makes the "error" going away:
It also works with \hbox{} or \null in front of the chinese text only.
So I guess you are right with your assumption, that it's a (chinese)
font specific problem. The additional indention of the chinese text is
only clearly visible, when you mix the languages.

Sorry, can't help you any further. BTW: is this the correct chinese

Greetings, Peter

> \startitemize[m,packed]
> \item\mbox{}三个小矮人
> \item\mbox{}Die drei Männlein im Walde
> \stopitemize
> Thats why i assume, this has to do with the chinese
> characters, and not only with the different fonts.
> Greetings
> Lutz
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