[NTG-context] beta

Bernd Militzer bernd at militzer.net
Mon Sep 18 08:50:40 CEST 2006

Hi Hans,

producing a table over several pages

1. the running tablehead is only on first page
2. the running tablefoot is only on the last page

that problem is also not fixed.


%%% ---- TestFile
\NC\use{2}\ReFormat[lp(0.28\textwidth)]{Datum\hfill Ereignis} \NC Person 
\NC PID \NC {\it PID} \NC\tfx  Seite\NC\tfx Beleg\NC\FR % << \AR
\NC 2006-08-18 \NC U \NC Militzer, Bernd\NC 002\NC 003\NC \NC J\NC\AR
\NC 1771-12-05 \NC G \NC Rudolph, Johann Heinrich\NC 134\NC 135\NC \NC 
\NC\NC\NC\NC\NC\NC\NC\NC\LR %<< Last Row \LR


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