[NTG-context] Help with mswincontext installation

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 19:46:53 CEST 2006

On 9/15/06, Marcus Vinicius Mesquita de So wrote:
> After upgrading MikTeX, ConTeXt is working no more.

What exactly is wrong? Do you use MikTeX 2.5 or do you mean "I updated
the packages on MikTeX 2.4"? On my computer it's working OK (after
submitting quite some bug reports, but all of them were fixed so far).

> Since I'm not using LaTeX anymore (ConTeXt rules !!! )

Same for me ;)

> I decided to use only the mswincontext package. After downloading it,
> I followed the intructions in
> http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Windows_Installation#Installation_Instructions
> but I could not compile the example (demo-tex.tex)
> In the SciTe windows I receive the following log :
> Exec | using randomseed 1152
> TeXExec | tex engine: pdftex
> TeXExec | tex format: cont-en
> TeXExec | progname: context
> warning: Could not open char translation file `natural.tcx'.
> This is pdfTeX, Version 3.141592-1.40.0-beta-20060213 (Web2c 7.5.5)
>  \write18 enabled.
> I can't find the format file `cont-en.fmt'!
> TeXExec | runtime: 0.359
> >Exit code: 1
> Then, from the cmd line, I tried to build the formats with the command:
> texexec --make --all

That's the proper move.

> but I received:
> TeXExec | using search method 'kpsefast'
> TeXExec | updating file database
> mktexlsr: d:/context/usr/local/context/tex/     EXMF is not
> a directory. Skipping...

Did you manually remove something or is this a literal transcript of
the message? It might be a broken setuptex.bat. What do
    echo %TEXMF%
    echo %TEXMFLOCAL%

You should get something like
(Not 100% about the last one, but it should be an approximation.)

> mktexlsr: Done.
> TeXExec | using tex engine pdftex
> TeXExec | using tex format path
> D:/context/usr/local/context/tex/texmf-mswin/web2c/pdftex
> TeXExec | generating tex format cont-en
> warning: Could not open char translation file `natural.tcx'.

Do you have natural.tcx in your folder
(.../context/texmf/web2c/natural.tcx)? If you have it, the problem
probably lies in "mktexlsr" which doesn't find files if environmental
variables are not set properly.

Or, let me ask another question: how do you "start" context (how do
you call setuptex.bat)?


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