[NTG-context] no indent after figure

Wolfgang Werners-Lucchini wwl at musensturm.de
Tue Sep 12 21:45:08 CEST 2006

> Hi Wolfgang,
> use the following code because my old one worked only when
> \setupfloats[indentnext=yes] was used.
> \unprotect
> \def\OTRONEdosomepagefloat#1[#2]%
>   {%\checkwaitingfloats{#1}%
>    \global\setbox#1\vbox
>      {\unvbox#1%
>       \vbox to \textheight
>         {\doifnotinset\v!high{#2}\vfill
>          \box\floatbox
>          \doifnotinset\v!low{#2}\vfill}%
>       \goodbreak}%
>    \doinsertfloatinfo
>    \nonoindentation}
> \protect

Thank you! I'll try this.

> Dont know I there are any sideeffects, you couls try to use the
> code in yout file and response if you couls see any problems.

> > Btw. are the ??xx (here ??bk) Variables document somewhere?
> They are namespaces for the ConTeXt-Macros and ??bk stands for
> "Blokken (floats)".

Ahh! Dutch names.

I searched for the real name of the figurenumber to solve an other 
problem I posted a few days ago. And so I was looking for the right 
präfix for float (figure) or caption (don't even know where that 
number lives).

Grüße aus der Rhön


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