[NTG-context] Homogeneous captions for figures

Renaud AUBIN aubin at nibua-r.org
Sat Sep 9 03:40:31 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I wanted to obtain to obtain an homogeneous formatting for my captions
whenever I use \placefigure or \placefloatcaption within combination, so
I've tried \setupcaption and \setupcaptions but


\setupcaptions[align=left] % or \setupcaption[figure][align=left]

  numeric u; u := 5cm;
  draw origin--(1u,1u);
  draw (0,1u)--(1u,0);

\placefigure[here]{A \dorecurse{20}{very\ } long

\dorecurse{20}{very\ } long caption}}
\dorecurse{20}{very\ } long caption}}



leads to

1 output file written: caption-mpgraph.1
Transcript written on caption-mpgraph.log.
[MP to PDF] (./caption-mpgraph.1)
! Argument of \floatcaptionparameter has an extra }.
<inserted text>
<to be read again>
\p!doifinsetelse ...onefalse \edef \!!stringa {#3}
                                                  \ifx \!!stringa \empty
<argument> ...le \floatcaptionparameter }\c!align
\captionovershoot \!...

\firstofoneargument #1->#1

\dopreparestackcaptionaut ...shoot \!!zeropoint }}
                                                  \edef \captionhsize
{\the ...
l.11 ...ery\ } long caption}{\useMPgraphic{dummy}}

Bug ? BTW, I need a quick solution for my PhD dissertation... so any
suggestions are welcome. I've also tried \setupcombinations with various
align values but failed to find a good solution... I use ConTeXt ver:
2006.09.07 17:50 MK II fmt: 2006.9.9



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