[NTG-context] multiple bibliographies

Thomas A. Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Tue Sep 5 19:44:14 CEST 2006

Dear all (and esp. Taco),

in March 2005, there was a discussion about having multiple  
bibliographies in one document, very much like with the LaTeX package  
chapterbib. I may be missing something obvious, but I'm wondering  
whether this is now possible with Taco's module.

Maybe a bit of background, and please tell me if you think this is a  
stupid idea: every term, I have to prepare lists of references for my  
several classes, and there usually is a lot of repetition and  
overlap. So I'm dreaming of having one big bibtex database and  
producing the lists via assorted \nocite commands. But i usually  
split up these bibliographies into several sections, and I want all  
items numbered in sequence, so I have in my source:


\nocite[myfirst] \nocite[mysecond]



\nocite[mythird] \nocite[myfourth]


to get this output:

          A. One

[1] myfirst publication

[2] mysecond publication

          B. Two

[3] mythird publication

[4] myfourth publication

Is this reasonable? feasible? Or should I just use the old approach  
and copy/paste the same references into \itemize lists? Help and  
opinions appreciated!


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