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pragma at wxs.nl wrote:
> WN wrote:
Another question, still learning, I am struggling with the following. In 
the XML
there is a tag <recordset> indicating a set of records which I map to 
table entries.
After this tag a couple of tags labelled <fieldname> should be 
translated to table header entries
followed by <datarow> which I map to a table row (\bTR \eTR) but
the tag <fieldname> is not grouped in a <datarow> tag.

How can I translate the <fieldname> tags so they will be interpreted as 
entries in the table header ?


example XML
<category title="BIOS Version">
        <subcategory title="">
            <recordset title="">
                    <fieldvalue>System Version</fieldvalue>
                    <fieldvalue>ASUS   - 30303031 Award Medallion BIOS 
v6.0 Award Plug and Play BIOS Extension v1.0A Award Modular BIOS 
>> Hello,
>> I have a couple of XML's generated by a freeware program which I want 
>> to process with Context.
>> I started experimenting and things look good, however I want to 
>> skip/filter out some of the xml tags
>> like *<computeraudit> Some Text .... </computeraudit>* and 
>> *<disclaimer> Some Text </disclaimer>*
>> so they don't show in the resulting PDF.
> \defineXMLignore[*computeraudit]*
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