[NTG-context] footnote number in header

Willi Egger w.egger at boede.nl
Fri Sep 1 20:32:08 CEST 2006


maybe that the use of \nomarking is an option. However this will place 
an ellipsis in the title

    \chapter{Chapter number one\footnote{Footnote of chapter one}}
        \input tufte
    \section{Section one in chapter one \nomarking{\footnote{Footnote 
nomarking for section one}}}
        \input tufte


Horacio Suarez wrote:
> Hello
> I have footnotes in titles and titles appears in all right page headers. The 
> problem is that in the header appears a superscript number, adding 1 each 
> time it appears.
> How can I avoid it?
> Thankyou
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