[NTG-context] layout question

richard rascher-friesenhausen richard at mevis.de
Tue Aug 29 09:49:14 CEST 2006

Hans Hagen schrieb:
> sorry, wrong command 
> \definefloat[myfigure][myfigures][figure]
> the second arg is the plural, the third the parent 
> Hans 

i added the cloning to my figure definitions. The caption is inherited 
from figure. But the new margin- and textmarginfigures do *not* show up 
in the list of figures using \placelistoffigures. Do i have to define a 

In ConTeXt ver. 2006.08.04 standalone windows version the numbering is 
wrong. All figures on page one get the number 1, all figures on page two 
get number 2.

In ConTeXt ver. 2005.11.30 standalone windows version the numbering is 
correct. But \placelistoffigures only show the native figures, too.


P.S. details.pdf uses the incorrect command 
\definefloat[myfigure][figure]. And in typing the examples directly from 
the text, i forgot in the first run to define the new figures with 
\definefloat. Maybe one should add this to the examples?


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