[NTG-context] Layout and textwidth/textmargin

wwl at musensturm.de wwl at musensturm.de
Sun Aug 27 21:10:12 CEST 2006

> Well, I start from the beginning with odd/even layout setting, and
> the  
> following does not work. The behaviour I see is that only the odd
> setting  
> is used. What is wrong in there?
> \definelayout[odd]
>    [width=middle,
>     backspace=7cm,
>     cutspace=5cm]
> \definelayout[even]
>    [backspace=8cm,
>     cutspace=2cm,
>     width=middle]
> \setuplayout
> %\showlayout
> \starttext
> \dorecurse{4}{
> \section{Hello}
> \input knuth \endgraf
> \subsection{Sub Hello}
> \input tufte \endgraf}
> \stoptext


This doesn't work here, too!

The wiki said it should work. So, maybe there ist something broken in 
the meantime.

In 'page-lay.tex' I found something with



a.) Not alone \definelayout but also \setuplayout should work with 
b.) Because there is something to stop here, there may be some need 
to start it?

Btw. \definelayout[1][] doesn't work too.


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