[NTG-context] Empty last page, broken markings ??

WN wneimeijer01 at cs.com
Thu Aug 24 15:43:33 CEST 2006

taco at elvenkind.com wrote:
> Hi,
> WN wrote:
>> Hello,
>> The last page in my documents is always empty. The document is setup as 
>> singlesided via
> Always, always (as in: it generates an empty page even if that results
> in an uneven number of pages)?
Correct, always an empty page. I have documents which have an uneven 
number of pages, and
even number of pages.
> Or does it fill out to an even number of generated pages?
> Or does it always create an odd number of pages (I've heard that happen
> with some conflicting settings between the use of sectionblocks and
> \setuppagenumbering)?
I used the sectionblock option as described on 
http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Empty_page_at_the_end just 2 days ago
to eliminate the empty page at the end of the document, which it does. I 
did not use the sectionblock construct before.
Since then the markings  as explained in my original email don't work 
for the last couple of pages.
>> I use a couple of environment files which all define several things, title page, Table of contents,
>> Table of Figures, page layout, page numbering, headers/footers etc. I could attach all of them,
>> but I think the above settings are the one's that matter. I am not sure how to proceed to provide
>> the correct but minimal information. I tried to put everything in a test file, but I was not successful.
> What is the overall structure of your document? The setups look ok, so
> it is more likely something relating to your use (or not..) of section
> blocks. For example, it could be that your headings do not work inside
> appendices or backmatter?
I don't use appendices or a backmatter (yet), the overall structure of 
all my documents look like this

\startproject chn

\input ../global

\input chn-chapter1
\input chn-chapter2
\input chn-chapter3
\input chn-chapter4
\input chn-chapter5
\input chn-chapter6
\input chn-chapter7
\stopproject chn

>> I tried to attach the last three pages of my document, which demostrates the problem
>> but I exceeded the 40 KB. Is there another way of uploading documents 
>> which are more than 40 KB in size ?
> Putting them on the wiki temporarily is an option.
I will try to do that

Thanks so far
> Good luck,
> Taco
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