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richard rascher-friesenhausen richard at mevis.de
Fri Aug 18 17:24:16 CEST 2006


i have a simple (?) layout question. I want to typeset a doublesided 
text with a larger margin on one side. This margin will be filled with 
'margin images' or 'margin remarks'. But sometimes, larger images have 
to be placed in the text+margin.

Which commands, options or setups are correct, to get the same results 
on odd and even pages? In the attached pdf file,  odd and even pages 
behave different, using a simple setup (see tex file).



Richard Rascher-Friesenhausen                
MeVis -- Centrum fuer Medizinische Diagnosesysteme und Visualisierung GmbH
Universitaetsallee 29
D-28359 Bremen

email: richard at mevis.de, richard.rascher-friesenhausen at hs-bremerhaven.de
www  : http://www.mevis.de/, http://www.hs-bremerhaven.de/
fon  : +49 - 421 - 218 7707 (mevis)
fax  : +49 - 421 - 218 4236 (mevis)

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