[NTG-context] Presentation help

Adam Duck duck at informatik.uni-frankfurt.de
Thu Aug 17 17:22:46 CEST 2006

So, I showed ConTeXt to a friend of mine.  He said he wanted to try it
and now -- well, you don't want to know how he swears :).  We're
trying to do a presentation...

Anyways, I'm trying to help him...  But I (we) have some problems:

I managed to write something like this (it's never been so hard to
write a newline!):



That does, what it should: display section and subsection atop of each
other.  So, but now, he wants to have an "Introduction", which should
show up in the header but without a number.  I tried "\subject" but
"\getmarking[section]" only returns the section, not the subject (I
thought they were interlinked somehow, but...).  So, is there any way
to do this apart from "\ifx\getmarking[sectionnumber]{-1}" or so?

Next question: is it possbible to align the text of, well, "text",
i.e. the body text, vertically centered on every page?
"\setupbackgrounds" won't work here.  On a side note: why does it have
an align-parameter, then?

This one is "a bonus" for me: can someone point me in a direction
where to start to build a "progress meter"?  beamerstyle has a nice
template where it shows the section as text and the subsections as
open dots (all of them) with the current subsection as a filled dot.

Well, that would be all, thanks for listening,


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