[NTG-context] Bold rules with TABLE

Fredrik Sjunnesson Fredrik.Sjunnesson at acobiaflux.se
Thu Aug 17 08:07:24 CEST 2006


As this is my first mail to the list I'd like to start by thanking Hans
and all other ConTeXt contributors. I stumbled upon ConTeXt just
recently and I have fallen in love badly. :)

Now to my question.

Is it possible to control the rule thickness of a specific frames with
TABLE, i.e. something like


If not, I'd guess it could be possible to fake this by inserting extra
rows and columns with zero height and width, respectively, and use the
rulethickness parameter to change the thickness of all their frames.
Since this approach would add extra complexity to the table definitions
I hope that you have better solutions.

Thanks in advance,
Fredrik Sjunnesson

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