[NTG-context] A few questions (mostly about fonts)

Jeff Smith ascarel at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 03:19:29 CEST 2006

Thank you all for your answers!

A quick follow-up, and a new question at the end:

Ad question a) My problem with Times and small caps was just a bad
mapping of names on my side. So I'm told that \cap should work, and
well, of course it does! :-)

Ad question b) Ricard Roca said:

"I think the way to do ipa typesetting with ConTeXt is using XeTeX.
With XeTeX you can use ipa *unicode* fonts (not old fonts), like
Gentium, Lucida Sans,new versions of Doulos, etc., using directly
unicode ipa input in your text which was not possible with tipa."

This sounds like very, very beautiful music to my ears! Now I'm a
happy man. Still, I have no idea yet how to use XeTeX with ConTeXt,
but I will investigate shortly. This truly is the best solution for my
needs. Thanks!

Ad question c) I already had \enableregime[utf] in my source but it
doesn't work for a reason I still don't know. \enableregime[il1] does
make things work like I wanted, however, but I had to remove the line
\usemodule[french] which I took from the French template I mentioned
in my other mail. So thanks a lot again!

Ad question d) Still waiting to see if someone will come up with an
idea. To explain it in other words, I want to use only one command
(namely, \quote or \quotation) but I want two different types of quote
characters to be used depending on the context. For example:

"This quote has 'quotes' in it."

which would be

\quotation{This quote has \quotation{quotes} in it.}

I'm just inquiring as to the possibility of this being macroed.

New question:

All the examples that I find of \setupparagraphs in the manuals are
cases of different paragraphs layed out in columns. Is it still this
command I have to use in order to style in advance single-column
custom paragraphs that I can apply anywhere according to my needs?
This would seem much better than styling individual paragraphs all
throughout. The thing is, in the document I am typesetting with
ConTeXt (an etymological dictionary), the main organizing unit is the
paragraph, not the chapter, section, and such.

Thanks again for your patience with me! It's greatly appreciated.
Jeff Smith

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