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Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Aug 15 17:15:09 CEST 2006

wwl at musensturm.de wrote:
> Hallo!
>>> While I was reading 'In the Details' to learn more about grid-
>>> typesetting, I could not comprehend the examples with 
>>> grid={broad,...}. 
>>> Then in section 1.8 I read that grid=line should be a shortcut for
>>> grid={broad,high,depth}.
>> Section 1.8 deals \exclusively with \externalfigure. Apparently
>> the grid option for sectioning commands is handled differently.
> In my version of 'In the Details', dated 2002 chapter 1 deals with 
> 'Snapping section heads' and section 1.8 is titled 'Snapping around 
> (broad,high,depth).' 
> Is there a newer variant of that manual?
the grid options as discussed with sections, are the ones that are taken care of by the \snaptogrid macro; the grid key in externalfigure is not related to that, it relates to scaling, as in

\setuplayout[grid=yes] \showgrid \setupcaptions[style=smallbodyfont,location=grid,inbetween=]

\defineexternalfigure[enkel] [width=10cm,frame=on,grid=depth]


test \placefigure{}                 {\externalfigure[t:/sources/cow.pdf][frame=on,grid=yes]} test \page
test \placefigure{\input zapf\relax}{\externalfigure[t:/sources/cow.pdf][frame=on,grid=yes]} test \page

test \placefigure{}                 {\externalfigure[t:/sources/cow.pdf][enkel]} test \page
test \placefigure{\input zapf\relax}{\externalfigure[t:/sources/cow.pdf][enkel]} test \page


i.e. the grid option determins which way a height snaps (or is rounded); 


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