[NTG-context] some questions

wwl at musensturm.de wwl at musensturm.de
Tue Aug 15 11:06:22 CEST 2006

> >> Should'nt \arg{bla} be \type{{bla}}?
> I can't give you a satisfying answer for this, but
> Should'nt \expandafter\type\expandafter{\arg{bla}} be
> \type{{bla}}?
> gives
> Should?nt \dohandlemathtokenarg{bla} be {bla}?
> (so I guess the answer is probably no)

\arg is one of the verbatim macros, like \type, \typ, \tex
and is describte in 'cont-enp.pdf' on page 101.

The description looks a bit incomplete: (the command encloses the 
text with .)
(Can someone, with the right to do that, add this to the list of 
typos, please?)

The definition of \arg is in 'core-ver.tex' and copying this 
in a separate file works as expected:



So there must something be damaged.


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