[NTG-context] Problem with external graphics

The Wizard Mark.Almeida at Sun.COM
Wed Aug 9 22:10:49 CEST 2006

All -
    I am experiencing some strange behavior with external graphics. I 
use one file to setup all the graphics for later inclusion. All that is 
in the file is a bunch of "\useexternalgraphics" statements, so I can 
reference the graphics by name later. The problem comes when I try to 
use "\placefigure" instead of "\externalfigure". Here is an example:

Figure setup:

\useexternalfigure[Figure 1][Figure1][scale=520,type=pdf,factr=broad]
% This sets up the file 'Figure1.pdf' for later inclusion

If I then reference it using

\externalfigure[Figure 1]

the figure is included at the spot following the text, and fits on the 
remainder of the page, which is what I want. But if I try to add a 
caption to it by using

{\externalfigure[Figure 1][Figure 1]}

the figure gets the caption, but always is placed on the top of the 
following page. Why is this?

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