[NTG-context] Cow-font (was Context 2006.08.08 released}

Willi Egger w.egger at boede.nl
Wed Aug 9 22:01:20 CEST 2006

Hi Hans,

Thanks for the hint!

Now I am able to display the symbolsets with \showsymbolset. However I 
can't get eg. \symbol[CowConTeXtComplete]
I tried also the Marvosyms. I can display the a set e.g. 
\showsymbolset[atronomic], but can't get \symbol[astronomic:Mars]

Is the \symbol command broken?


Hans Hagen wrote:
> Willi Egger wrote:
>> Great that the new Cows-letter-font is released!
>> Will you kindly provide some hints how to use this font? - I remember 
>> some trickery you presented at the NTG meeting.
>> ......
>> Last but not least, what am I missing trying to get the cows show up?
> just load the symb-cow symbols (\usesymbols[cow]) as starting point (it 
> defined fonts and such)
> there will be a manual
> Hans
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