[NTG-context] compiling project files

Tobias Burnus burnus at net-b.de
Wed Aug 9 18:26:52 CEST 2006

Hi Derek,

Derek Schmidt wrote:
> When I texexec it, it runs but only produces and empty table of contents with the word Contents at the top. It won't list the chapters, forget about actually printing their content.
I have only three ideas:

(a)  The data is not available. The mechanism is a follows:
1. TeX is run and chapter names with pagenumbers etc. are saved into
2. TeXutil is run and sorts some entries in *.tui and writes *.tuo
3. TeX is run again, reads .tuo and uses that data to produce the table
of contents etc. (and produces a new .tui)
As this changes the page numbers (for longer table of contents), TeXutil
and TeX are re-run again.
In principle TeXExec should do this automatically. Do you have a *.tuo file?

(b) The data is available via .tuo but somehow \completecontent only
writes the sections below the "Content" chapter, which is empty.
Try:  \completecontent[criterium=all]
this instructs it to print the table of content for all chapters (which
is actually the default).

(c) Something is broken (whatever, the installation, ConTeXt/TeXexec, my
ability to find the cause of problems etc.)


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