[NTG-context] texfont produces faked ligatures with ec encoding

Thomas A. Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Sun Aug 6 23:00:50 CEST 2006

On Aug 6, 2006, at 10:28 PM, Andreas Schneider wrote:

> Thanks for that hint. There is no file lm-ec.enc in my  
> installation, but ec-var-lm.enc. If I add a --variant=var-lm to the  
> parameters for texfont (or alternatively create a symbolic link  
> ec.ec -> ec-var-lm.enc in my private texmf tree), then the  
> ligatures work correctly! Unfortunately, umlauts don't work  
> anymore, both typed directly (ä, ö, ü. ß, ...) and with the TeX  
> commands ("a, "o, "u, "s, ...). Did you have problems with umlauts  
> as well using lm-ec.enc? Maybe I should try cork.enc (-- 
> encoding=cork) instead? The main reason I want to install the font  
> with ec encoding is that I also want to use it under LaTeX with the  
> T1 encoding.

No, I never had problems with Umlauts. What you can also try is this:  
if you open EC.enc, you'll find a couple of LIGKERN instructions at  
the beginning of the file. These seem to confuse some utilities so  
they don't include the default ligatures anymore. So what you can do:  
just delete lines 1-27 of EC.enc, so the first line is
/ECEncoding [        % now 256 chars follow

Then save this new file in the directory where you run texfont so it  
will be found first. You can discard it afterwards.



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