[NTG-context] Mixed Normal and Bold Math -- Problem with Lucida

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Sun Aug 6 09:15:46 CEST 2006


Hans Hagen wrote:
> it's a matter of lack of tex families; once we have bold, something else 
> has to be dropped

More precisely, here is the font family setup of ConTeXt
	0     math roman (with uppercase greek)
         1     math italic
         2     math symbols
         3     math extension
         4     italic
         5     slanted
         6     bold
         7     --
         8     bold slanted
         9     bold italic
         10    smallcaps
         11    typeface (sans serif or typewriter or ..., text font)
         12    math symbols a (ams)
         13    math symbols b (ams)
         14    math symbols c (mathtime script)
         15    math symbols d (mathtime greek upright)

Only family 7 is really empty, and only 14 and 15 can easily be
redefined (\newfamily always returns 15)

> the best thing (nowadays) is to have two typefaces defined, one normal, 
> and one bold
> future versions of context may have more support (soon pdftex will have 
>  >16 families)

256 families of fonts with 65536 possible characters each, just like
in Aleph.

> btw, one of the problems is that several passed over the math list are 
> made, which means that font switches are not treated as in text (think 
> of \bf test \sl test)
> (i dunno if that can be solved in future tex's)

Not sure that would make sense. Font switches in math mode are in fact
different from ones in ordinary text. {\sl A} and {\bs A} may well have
completely a different meaning.

Cheers, Taco

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