[NTG-context] A bug in character alignment?

Peter Münster pmlists at free.fr
Wed Aug 2 10:47:21 CEST 2006

On Tue, 1 Aug 2006, Nicolas Grilly wrote:

> > Sorry, I can't see it. The column are right-aligned, which is normal, since
> > there is no alignment-character.
> No, it is not normal. ConTeXt Wiki says "if there's no
> alignmentcharacter in the cell, the content will be aligned in the
> following way depending on the value of \characteralignmentmode".
> By default, characteralignmentmode=4. Therefore, according to the
> wiki, cell content should be aligned on the last character of each
> cell.

Ok, by "right-aligned" I wanted to say: aligned at the right-most

Now I see your problem: the values are still aligned at the right-most
character, but the whole column is pushed a bit to the right.

> > The only "bug" I see, is the missing accent:
> > "Evolution" should be "Évolution"
> You're right: the accent is missing, and it's a typographical error. I
> guess you live in France to see such a thing!

Rather an orthographic error...

The best thing to do in such cases, is to build a minimal example file,
that shows the problem. This has several advantages:

- you don't need to post heavy pdf and tex files
- sometimes, while building such a file, you discover, that you've made a
  mistake, and that ConTeXt is right
- if there is a ConTeXt bug, the minimal example will make it clear, how to
  reproduce it and what really triggers it

Since I have some time, I provide such an example:

\bTABLE\bTR\bTD a\eTD\bTD\hbox to 1cm{b}\eTD\eTR\eTABLE

% change "2" to "1", to see "d" moving 1cm to the right:
\bTABLE\bTR\dorecurse2{\bTD x\eTD}\eTR\eTABLE


Cheers, Peter


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