[NTG-context] Rule under length of last line

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Jul 31 20:56:24 CEST 2006

Duncan Hothersall wrote:
> I've had a last-minute impossible request for a typesetting style, and
> having already told the person it can't be done in the time available,
> wondered whether it can actually be done at all.
depends on the amount of time, and it the case of customers what they 
are willing to pay -)

many things can be done, esp because designers are not that accustomed 
to thinking on programmable designs
> The request is for a subsection heading to have a continuous horizontal
> rule under both its number and title, at a distance of about 6pt from
> the baseline (i.e. not underlining), extending just the length of the
> heading. I can do that by setting both number and title in a TABLE,
> setting the offsets and specifying the bottom frame to be on - no problem.
> However, the tricky part is that where a longer title runs beyond one
> line, the line should only appear under the last line, and only to the
> length of the last line of text.
> In other words, for viewers with fixed width fonts:
> 1.1.1 Short title
> -----------------
> 1.1.2 Longer title which wraps onto a
>       second line like this
> ---------------------------
> We generate the ConTeXt code from XML, so ideally a solution wouldn't
> require the last line to be set separately, but would just work whether
> the heading was single or multiple line. What I'm really looking for is
> a subsection setup that will automatically do this whatever length of title.
> I have to say I think it's quite ugly, but can anyone give me a pointer
you don't wanna know hwo much time i've spent in programming ugly stuff -)
> as to how it could be done? Is there a box left at the end of a par
> which shows the width of the last line?
> As I say, I've already said no, so this is just out of interest, no
> urgency.
anyhow, it's doable; the first solution took me 30 minutes, the second one 15 minutes

% \setbox2\ruledvbox   {\innerflushshapebox} 
% why is correction needed
   \setbox2\vbox        {\vskip-\lineskip\innerflushshapebox}
   \setbox0\vbox to \ht2{\box0}




% \showstruts



\section{is this nice or not}

\section{is this nice or not nice, that's the question}


\section{is this nice or not}

\section{is this nice or not nice, that's the question}


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