[NTG-context] several questions

Jorge Manuel de Almeida Magalhães jmagalhaes at oninetspeed.pt
Sat Jul 29 17:04:28 CEST 2006

Hi to all

I have some questions for you. Please help me:

1. Did you know a way to make a list of tables (natural tables \bTable 
\eTable)? For the Figures it is very easy:




  d'ont works

2. Did you know how to force the section number to start in the number  
0, not in 1 (default)?

3. In the top of my file I use \language[pt], but it d'ont work. For 
example, in the figure caption I have "Figure" but I need "Figura" and 
so on

Thanks a lot

have a nice day


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