[NTG-context] Success and a question.

John R. Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Thu Jul 27 00:59:25 CEST 2006

I successfully updated to the latest cont-tem zip but it wasn't

Karl Berry suggested the following:

wget http://www.pragma-ade.com/context/current/cont-tmf.zip
cd /wherever/texmf-dist
unzip -t $dir/cont-tmf.zip >/tmp/z
unzip -q $dir/cont-tmf.zip

rm web2c/natural.tcx
mv web2c/context.cnf ../texmf/web2c

# [stuff to update the repository]

I did the above with embellishments. Since I have had continual
trouble, even when I reloaded texlive 2005, I started with a new
partition (Slackware 10.2) and a fresh texLIve installation. I
followed the Berry routine. At the end I did:
fmtutil --all 
(One cannot do texhash too often.) I tested this on
a known file and it worked. Now I went to my production
partition, wiped out the "2005" directory and copied the 2005
directory from my test partition. After the usual texhash and
fmtutil bowing and scraping I now have an up-to-date context
installation that seems to work OK.

Now for the question:
When I process a tex file with texexec I get a pdf file and a
warnig message that says "warning use tekmfstart texecec
instead."  Well the bare texexec seems to work OK but the
texmfstart texexec book.tex
exits immediately with no output. 

Am I using texmfstart correctly? 

John Culleton
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