[NTG-context] updating context on Ubuntu 6.06

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Wed Jul 26 11:36:58 CEST 2006


Ralf Schmitt wrote:
>>Beforehand I had been using the 2006.04.17 beta and had put off
>>upgrading because I was scared of the change from perl texexec to ruby
>>1. (optional cleanup) Delete the old Context-installed files in
>>   ~/texmf/.  This step is optional, but I do it so that I can track the

I am not so sure that step is optional. Because if the preinstalled
version had a cont-sys.tex or cont-usr.tex, then this step may be
required to make sure you are not using an out-of-date version of
these files.

>>3. (stubs, part 1) Create ~/bin/texmfstart containing two lines:
>>~/texmf/scripts/context/ruby/texmfstart.rb "$@"

A somehwat more flexible version is

   ruby `kpsewhich --format='texmfscripts' texmfstart.rb` $@

(also notice the lack of quotes around $@)

>>4. (stubs, part 2) texmfstart will run texexec, so create texexec as a
>>   symlink to ~/texmf/scripts/context/stubs/unix/texexec:
>>      cd ~/bin
>>      ln -s ~/texmf/scripts/context/stubs/unix/texexec
>>      chmod +x texexec
>>   Hans: Could texexec be made executable in the distribution's zip
>>   file, to avoid the chmod?

ctxtools --update does that manually after unzipping, but sicne the zip
is created on windows, the in-zip versions cannot be made executable

>>7. (test 2) Try a simple file.  I use ~/tmp/xy/t.tex containing one
>>   line, "\starttext abc \stoptext".  Here goes:
>>      texexec t
>>   fails with
>>! Font \*12ptrmtf*=ec-lmr12 not loadable: Metric (TFM) file not found.

In the future, the cont-lmt.zip may perhaps be re-instated.

> ConTeXt  ver: 2005.01.31  fmt: 2006.6.27  int: english  mes: english

This is the old teTeX-supplied context format from January 31, 2005,
that was last regenerated on June 27. Not the new one you created in
the previous step.

>>So I think all is well, and I didn't need to set RUBYLIB.  Let me know
>>of any corrections or improvements; if there's interest I'll wikifi.

All documents that say you should set RUBYLIB are outdated and wrong.
Every since texmfstart.rb is a 'fat' ruby script, that has become

>>>From now on, I hope I can update using
>>  texmfstart ctxtools --updatecontext 
> does not work for me:
> $ texmfstart ctxtools --updatecontext
> kpsewhich: option `--expand-var' requires an argument

Do not worry about that until the rest of the install is correct, it
may start working automagically.


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