[NTG-context] U3D (embedded 3D objects)

Renaud AUBIN aubin at nibua-r.org
Tue Jul 25 20:36:46 CEST 2006

Hans Hagen a écrit :

>indeed pdfannot is what we need; however, the first thing is to figure out what kind of control we want (probably best from within javascript); in your sampe i see pretty raw pdf code in the key/val pairs, which is something alien to context 
>- what features make sense
>- what features do we expect to be stable 

Hi Hans,

At first time, we can try to embed the u3d data as a "stream"  by
setting up the recquired (not the optional) keys (Subtype, 3DD) + 3DI at
true to obtain an interactive 3D model without any js programming...
With 3DI at true, I assume we can verify if the "3D artwork" is
correctly parsed and rendered...

Then, when can go to javascript to include setups of (mainly):
- camera-to-world transformation matrix
- artwork-to-world transformation matrix
- background color settings

I have to learn about pdfmark and pdfannot...

Sorry if these remarks calls obvious answer...

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