[NTG-context] Russian hyphenation

Ark Shraer arkady.shraer at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 10:26:22 CEST 2006

Hello to all ConTeXt users,

First of all, I'm impressed of opportunities that ConTeXt provides to
book and magazine designers. Especially I like designs of Hans Hagen's
manuals :)

I have a medium experience in LaTeX (typesetted several books with
math, tables  and figures), but I've no experience in ConTeXt at all.

I'm a russian user and interested in support of russian and ukrainian
language in ConTeXt. By the way, I already tried example from
contextgarden wiki and it works for me fine.

So my question is: how to enable russian (ukrainian) hyphenation in ConTeXt?
I tried files from http://trash1.hotmail.ru/ but these fails to
compile (in my opinion they're not compatible with modern ConTeXt, as
they maybe outdated).

If there is no straight way to solve russian hyphenation problem I'd
like to help with it :)


WBR, Arkady Shraer

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