[NTG-context] Problem with \typefile

John R. Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Wed Jul 19 16:54:49 CEST 2006

I use the lines:
\typefile {samp.tex}{samp.tex}
\stoptext % For debugging purposes

The file samp.tex contains ascii tex from the sample files 
knuth, zapf and tufte, concluded by the single tag \bye. 

The document compiles fine and displays fine in xpdf or kpdf 
 But Acrobat Reader 7.0 (Linux) comes up with the message "there was a
problem with this document" and displays two blank pages instead.
It will however display the rest of the document if the \stoptext
statement above is removed. 

John Culleton
Able Indexing and Typesetting
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