[NTG-context] tempdir support in texexec.rb

Matthias Wächter matthias.waechter at tttech.com
Tue Jul 18 11:01:06 CEST 2006

On 18.07.2006 10:29, Hans Hagen wrote:
>>> if it's because of the temp files. you can run with --purge and get them 
>>> removed
>> Well, then Context could not benefit from "incremental" builds with just one run instead of 4 to 5 runs. But I get the idea.
> eh ... the tuo file is kept

Appearantly, only mpgraph.mp is removed by --purge, and --purgeall only gives some CtxTools help messages. Hmm ...

>> Maybe for this task, --purge is reasonable enough. I'll give it a try.
> that's indeed the best way to go; btw, here i only version tex files 

Depending on the process you have to maintain (you know, I mentioned Context version numbers before ...), you want to version everything except stuff that is there and unversioned by intent. At least you want to get warned of new files you may have forgotten to put under revision control, and as said, you may want to mark the document tainted because of unclean checkouts. The easiest approach would be to have a separate directory for non-output related stuff like .tmp, .log, .tui, .tuo, .mp, then any other unversioned file would be a sign of unallowed modification.

OK, I will simply mark *.tmp, *.log, *.tui and *.tuo as "ignore".

What's the difference between mpgraph.mp and <project>-mpgraph.mp ? The latter is not removed when using --purge. Is this by intent? Then I have to put *-mpgraph.mp to the ignore list, too.

- Matthias

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