[NTG-context] tempdir support in texexec.rb

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Jul 17 21:35:41 CEST 2006

Matthias Wächter wrote:
> Hi,
> Naively, I thought that the --tempdir option would allow the 'temporary' files created/updated at a run of texexec be written to whatever is given as --tempdir=/dir/, but it doesn't work, the files remain in the current directory. Additionally, --output seems to disallow the output be put into another directory (it's always put into `pwd`).
> Is there a (better?) way to specify where these files should go?
currently not, an option like that is doable but would involve both an 
patch to context itself (runtime locating files) and texexec 
(inbetween/postprocessing) [pretty fuzzy btw]

if it's because of the temp files. you can run with --purge and get them 
> What I'd expect is a directory layout like the following:
> files/
>       onesource.tex
>       env.tex
>       othersource.tex
>       project.tex
>       out/
>           project.pdf
>       tmp/
>           project.tmp
>           project.log
>           project.tui
>           project.tuo
>           mpgraph.mp
>           project-mpgraph.mp
> as a result of
> $ cd files/
> $ texexec --pdf --tempdir=tmp --output=out/project.pdf project
--output concerns the backend while --result

texexec test --result=what/oeps

should work ok given that what exists (i'll add a check for existence)
> Is /me the only one who desires such a split?
I think so 


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